It all revolves around the digital

We create spaces, tools and content for Fab Labs and innovation hubs, offering services from design to installation and training.

People and communities

People and communities

Technology itself is inert – and one should never use machines just because they are there, but only when it best serves the people and communities. By showing people digital tools and platforms and asking them about their issues and needs, doors can be opened, and ideas will be born.

Machines and solutions


It’s a means, not an end

We have worked with many different organizations in multiple countries on the creation of Fab Labs and innovation spaces. From design of the spaces, to purchasing, shipping and installing the equipment, we have done it many times over.

Spaces with digital tools such as laser cutters, 3D printers and CNC mills are great for education, business development and innovation – But these spaces should serve a purpose.

If you are thinking about creating a Fab Lab or a makerspace, and you are unsure about the type of machines to get, or would like to get help creating the space and the programs around it, we can work with you and your organization to create the perfect fit.

Our previous clients include universities and schools, governments, commercial businesses, nonprofits and humanitarian organizations.