Digital Gravity

In the beginning, there was no 3D printer…

Digital Gravity was created by Jean-michel Molenaar, with a goal of spreading knowledge about digital tools and fabrication, and creating more and better access to tools and opportunities. Jean-michel has written a book about digitally controlled machines, taught as a professor of the practice at Tufts university’s department of biomedical engineering, created a robotic installation that translates the feeling of people on the internet into a drink, managed a global class on synthetic biology, installed Fab Labs in over 10 countries is the father of 3 curious boys.

Before Digital Gravity, jean-michel participated in an MIT bootcamp (which later became the Fab Academy) and built his first 3D printer. This was AFTER setting up the first Fab Lab in the Netherlands, because back then, 3D printers where not yet part of the tools.

Now, Fab Labs includes not one, but most of the time several printers (of different technologies), laser cutters, CNC milling machines, vinyl cutters, electronics workbenches and much more… Working with several long time partners and friends, Digital Gravity has the knowledge and skills to install all of these, and more.

Digitally controlled machines

Only published in French (for now, English version is on the way) ‘Les machines a commande numerique’ is a detailed overview of the tools found in Fab Labs, makerspaces, hackerspaces and people’s homes around the world – How they function, how to use them safely, and what you can do with them!

The book was written by Jean-michel and translated into French with the help of Marion Sabourdy, who not only translated, but added a new dimension of insight to the work.